101-year-old marathon runner.

The 101-year-old buffalo marathon runner described how humorous all different types of runners have started! A real inspiration, runners of all age groups in the world’s exercise, keeping all the hearts of the next generation.

Many times, when running, they sometimes ask this simple question. Are you a type of runner? Prepare to sit by yourself if you have ever asked this question as a runner! For non-runner observers, what is the difference? Well, the runner itself can sometimes be quite a storytelling People.

Fauja Singh

First of all, I want to start by eliminating the types of runners we don’t talk about. First of all, we have trail runners. No one has ever run four to six miles through winding paths and forests in the cool breeze at dawn, and many people are in the last moment of their dreams.

Over the stream, on the rocky shore by the water. A great exercise for your leg muscles, because through the trails and hills, you will actually appeal to many different muscle groups in your feet. You will ask for it in the game.

You can always say that you have been doing your mountain work during the game, but not. Not good for those who live in small towns with flat terrain and run. Then, on the day of the match from the city to another city, the course turned out to be the steepest hill, the worst you ever had!

I think we have devoted enough. And we follow the runners. I am not against track and field athletes, but, to me, it is not more boring than continuing to walk around on the same ground!

World’s oldest marathoner

Use the track as a must-have. If you are going to be a long-distance runner, you will have to go to the track to do your repetition. I never said that I didn’t go to the track. I just don’t like this track. If you want to win the game, you must develop a love/hate relationship track.

The track is a place to learn your pace. The track will be perfect and hone your speed. If I don’t participate in the race this weekend, I will go to the track on Sunday. Sunday is my track and field day. I have done 1/4 mile repetition all the way to 3 mile repetition. It all depends on the type of race you are preparing.

I use a quarter of a 2 mile race and a 3 mile repeat marathon. Repeat needs to be done faster than your racing speed. That’s the whole point! You are introducing the requirements of your game rhythm to your body, but you are dividing it into multiple parts.

On match day, you put it together. If you are a 5k runner, your average speed may be 6:30 minutes, then divide by 4. Between repetitions, my rest time will be the same time as my footsteps. I will mention it again because it is so important. Loop step 1:15, then your rest 1:15, loop 1:15 and then rest period. 1:15 etc. You go again; your repeat circle will repeat in one minute and fifteen seconds.

When it comes to a little bit of time, you need to run to win the game in your age group. Check your Sunday test paper to see how long you need to run in the age group. I will issue a warning at this time, the information is the formula I trained and worked for me.

Or most front-runners will tell you that my formula does not work. He works for me. I tried the book method. When I try the methods in this book, I always find myself short race days, turning me into a hot runner!

We have eliminated cross-country runners. I put them in the same bag. We have eliminated track and field athletes. In the next two runners-up groups, we will eliminate extreme runs and super long distance runs.

Now, you can call a different group different from what I did. But you got this idea, a joke! Finally, we found our group of runners, long-distance runners. Believe it or not, a one-mile runner is called a long-distance runner and a road runner.

Kenyan athletes, world-class athletes, elite athletes, and crude Olympic athletes are all of their own level!

Female runners, naked runners and dog runners, we can’t forget them, because they are all equally important!

I am not the one who wrote the book “Classification of Different Types of Runners”. I just follow them by other runners. I must mention one last thing for you. In cross training, there is a circle, which consists of three athletes. To you!

The last point is back to track runners. He ran track and field competitions for 3 miles. I think it’s a runner who likes to run long distances, but not on the road. They prefer to run on the soft surface of the track.

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