101-year-old marathon runner.


The 101-year-old buffalo marathon runner described how humorous all different types of runners have started! A real inspiration, runners of all age groups in the world’s exercise, keeping all the hearts of the next generation. Many times, when running, they sometimes ask this simple question. Are you a type of runner? Prepare to sit by … Read more101-year-old marathon runner.

10 week marathon plan-the perfect solution for your busy life.


Marathon-For ordinary people, it may be the most difficult running challenge in the world. 26.2 miles over rugged terrain, sometimes fierce, does it take months of training. Apart from your already busy life, adapting to training for up to 6 months is a very difficult feat in itself. Endurance exercise is very exhausting physically and … Read more10 week marathon plan-the perfect solution for your busy life.

Run 800 meters in the shortest time.


At present, there are various running competitions, you can decide to do training games, you want to participate, such as 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters, marathon. There are gender differences and different running distances. This article will introduce the 800-meter training for men. There are many strategies to … Read moreRun 800 meters in the shortest time.