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The Adidas cool running team cheered the Beijing Marathon with sprint and rabbits, which lit the track. In this article, you will learn about the details of Adidas’s participation in the Beijing Marathon. He hopes to walk so cool in this way, driven by the enthusiasm of all our sports lovers, and running makes the body strong and achieves complete fitness.

The Zero House running team encourages the Beijing Marathon through sprinting and rabbit lights running. The 2012 Beijing Marathon was shot in Tiananmen Square early this morning. Sportswear manufacturer Adidas not only directly sponsored the Beijing Marathon, but also organized the running team to participate in the competition, which is a highlight of the stadium.

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At six o’clock in the morning, many people gathered in front of Tiananmen Square where the Beijing Marathon began. Thousands of marathon enthusiasts had a bowling game. Among the people, the Adidas running team ignited at this moment alone. Those who have continuously participated in the Beijing Marathon not only have the purpose of fighting, but also hope that through this event, the simple but very effective healthy exercise mode can be further passed on.
The Beijing Marathon and the Berlin Marathon are different from other marathons. There are more amateurs, and the Adidas Group of Cool Running is made up of amateurs.

At 8:30, when gunfire was heard, professional athletes took the lead in responding, and more participants walked slowly through the starting point with the large group. For the cool runner group, it is happy to run with other amateurs, independent of the finish line. In order to cooperate with each runner to realize their marathon dream, Adidas specially launched a challenge task among the contestants-race sprint. It means that when the ability is the same as that of friends, they form a team with the same running rhythm. Companions of competition speed have always encouraged each other to complete difficult marathons and challenge personal limitations.

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Not only are they striving to become a marathon master to send and run, the senior runners of Adidas are willing to participate in different projects such as half marathons and 4.2km mini marathons, because each rabbit has a cool running group, friends with different abilities can come. Go to your own challenge goal.
The organizer expressed the hope that this cool running can inspire everyone’s enthusiasm for sports, and that everyone can strengthen their own disease prevention and national fitness through running.

It is understood that before the start of the annual Beijing Marathon, Adidas will hold North Horse training camps in Beijing and Shanghai every weekend. He uses scientific methods and high-tech equipment to explain how to exercise properly under protection to avoid injuries, so as to experience the purest road race and culture for the majority of marathon enthusiasts.

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