Things to do after the marathon.

Most people can read a lot of what should be done to prepare for a marathon, but there is not much talk about what should be done after the marathon. It is important to pay attention…

Most people can read a lot of what should be done to prepare for a marathon, but there is not much talk about what should be done after the marathon. It is also important to pay attention to what should be done after the marathon, so that the health of the runners will not be affected after the marathon. These are just some of the things Milwaukee’s sports medicine people suggest to their athletes.

Replenish the body.

After the marathon, Milwaukee sports medicine experts will advise athletes to replenish the salt, carbohydrates and nutrients they lost in the marathon. Most of the time, the person who finishes the marathon will get a bag, which should be used immediately after the marathon. These foods and drinks are carefully selected because they will provide the electrolyte loss that the body needs.

Replenish water with fluid.

Another thing that needs to be done is to add moisture. Sometimes, runners just want to go to a party and drink a lot of alcohol to celebrate. Although alcohol is a liquid, it still means dehydrating the body. Drinking water and other liquids, not alcohol, is a wise and better choice.

Keep moving.

One of the things that Milwaukee sports medicine experts recommend is being in position for a long time after running. Although it is understandable that people participating in the marathon need to rest, they should still remember that they need to move, so that their body will not be shocked by the sudden depression.

healthy diet.

What people consume after the marathon is as important as the second solar eclipse after the marathon. Eating a balanced meal including meat, vegetables and fruits is important. Although the marathon is over, runners should not over indulge in the food they eat because it is not good for the body.

Cold compression.

Sometimes people participating in a marathon may experience muscle pain. One way to treat this condition is to use cold compression on the muscles. Some people suggest taking an ice bath after a marathon to soothe damaged muscles. After the ice bath, runners can take a hot bath, so you can feel more relaxed first.

So some stretching.

Another activity that needs to be done is doing some stretching. Stretching is usually done before the event, but it should also be done for 10 to 15 minutes after the marathon. It is recommended to continue stretching on the second day after running, so that the muscles used during the marathon will not be shocked.


It is recommended to perform massage a few days after the game, because the muscles are still very sensitive after the game, and massage may cause more damage, but does not cause muscle relaxation. In addition, runners must make sure that they get a light massage, massage therapist knows that runners chuckle to participate in the marathon.

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