Verona Marathon.

In addition, this year’s tight competition plan in Verona will make the city famous through an outstanding sporting event, in addition to other cultural, gastronomic, artistic and musical events and fairs.

Verona is the city of love and is famous for Juliet’s terrace. Every year a couple of lovers make a pilgrimage. Verona is a city rich in art and history. Its monuments and ruins are well known all over the world, such as the arena. Verona is a city with a long tradition of wine and gastronomy. With its typical products and wines, it can attract many gourmets. If everything is not enough, you must know that Verona is a sports city in February, thanks to the marathon held on the streets of the city.


The Verona Marathon was first held in 2001, but a few years later, it gained international reputation and prestige: The 2010 Verona Marathon will be held on February 21, and it is expected that about 5,000 people will participate, not only the excited , Including the amateurs who participated in the marathon, they spent different days in a different day, fun and intense sports atmosphere. , Is one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Although athletes may participate in the most difficult races, such as the 42,195 km marathon and 21,097 half marathon, all other participants can choose the alternative that best suits their abilities. Families, but people who just want to run or walk through the streets of the city, can participate in the “family run”, a non-competitive route, while die-hard roller skaters can choose a roller half marathon, a 35-kilometer route running with roller skates . Disabled people can enjoy this event and participate in the half-marathon disabled test.

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If you still have some doubts about participating in marathons (in fact, many marathons are held all over the world, some of which are more famous than the Verona Marathon), please note that in a wonderful city like Verona, a marathon can never be” Only” is a sporting event: the marathon route, in fact, includes some of the most beautiful attractions in the city. , To run in such an environment, you have to improve your mood and improve your performance. In addition, as the organizers of the 8th Marathon (front) exaggerated: the last metre of the marathon will take place in the arena. This monument is famous for hosting outstanding musical events and very interesting opera seasons, and the home has become a venue for an important sporting event. Try to imagine the tight entrance of the arena, after several kilometers of hard work and sweat: the marathon runners, the warriors of the day, as if they are contemporary gladiators enjoying their victory into a very charming environment, which can be used as an encouragement to end the game In the best way. Therefore, the Verona Marathon is expected to be one of the most popular marathons in Italy throughout the year.

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